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Need heating system repair or air conditioner system maintenance in Knoxville, TN? Whether your heating system is blowing cold air on Christmas Day or your air conditioning system won’t turn on, there’s a good chance you need quality service from an HVAC company you can trust.

At Blue Water Climate Control, our family-owned business employs a team of licensed and trained HVAC professionals ready to provide you with exceptional service. We understand the critical importance of indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and reasonable prices on HVAC services. Whether you need a component repair on your geothermal heating system, an upgrade to your air conditioning unit, or a brand new heating system overhaul, you can rely on us to be timely, cost-effective, and incredibly thorough.

No matter what time of day or night your heating system has issues, you can count on the Knoxville, TN area HVAC specialists at Blue Water Climate Control to provide outstanding service and not leave until you’re completely satisfied. Our heating and cooling solutions are second to none – just ask any of our previous customers. We proudly provide emergency heating and air maintenance and repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us now at (865) 412-4557 to further discuss setting up a time to have your heater repaired to its optimal condition.

Total Solutions for Any Kind of Heaters

Here at Blue Water Climate Control, we know that every home is unique, requiring a specific kind of HVAC system to keep the building warm, insulated, and comfortable. Because we understand that your heating unit may be different from your neighbor’s, our devoted professionals are skilled at resolving malfunctioning issues for any type of heater.

Call us the moment you are experiencing any kind of problem related to:

  • Furnaces
  • Package units
  • Heat pumps
  • Ductless mini-split systems
  • Split systems
  • Geothermal units

Key Signs It Is Time to Call for Heater Repairs

Similar to a car, computer, or any other piece of equipment, your Oak Ridge or Knoxville area home’s air conditioning and heating system requires regular maintenance services and repairs to keep it in top shape. The last thing you need is for a long-overlooked HVAC system heat pump to go out in the middle of winter, forcing you to make a service call for emergency repairs.

That’s why routine maintenance services on heating systems and your cooling system are of the utmost importance. Home and business owners must understand that heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality depend completely on regular HVAC services.

 But how do you know when it’s time to have maintenance services performed on your air conditioning and heating system? Most homeowners will overlook their HVAC system until they hear strange sounds or notice strange smells coming from their heating system during the coldest months of the year. Sometimes, they’ll notice their air conditioner’s ducts aren’t blowing as cold or as strongly as they once did.

Unfortunately, by this point there may be much larger problems to deal with. There’s a good chance you may need HVAC services in Knoxville, TN that require much more costly repairs, or even a new air conditioning installation.

So don’t wait too long. Instead, keep track of any minor issues you may notice to keep them from evolving into bigger problems.

Some of the most common symptoms of a heater that needs repairs include:

Thermostat issues

If your thermostat is broken or no longer functioning properly, it could lead to a faulty fan or worse. You may not even be able to control your air conditioning and heating systems. It’s important to call a Knoxville, TN professional air conditioner and heating system expert to address your issue.

High utility costs

Home and business owners in Knoxville, TN may notice their electric bills running far higher than they did in the same months during previous years. This could be caused by several reasons, including refrigerant leaks, new furnace issues, clogged air ducts, or other issues that require immediate HVAC services.

Unusual sounds

If you hear clanking, banging, rattling, grinding, or other strange noises when your central heating and cooling system is running, it may indicate a serious mechanical issue. An important component could be damaged, or a key piece of your AC unit may have come loose. You’ll need to call Knoxville, TN HVAC technicians to your home to determine what has happened to your air conditioning system as soon as possible.

Musty or burning odors

An incredibly common sign that air conditioning and heating systems are no longer working correctly is the presence of foul smells. If you notice these odors as soon as you turn on your HVAC system, there’s a good chance there’s a broken or damaged component in your air conditioner or heating system. It may require some simple HVAC services, like a filter replacement, but it could necessitate some serious system overhauls. Make sure you find a local Knoxville, TN area HVAC company known for providing exceptional service.

Lack of proper heating

When heating systems stop functioning properly, you’ll notice pretty quickly how uncomfortable your home or business gets. You may have an issue with your air filters, your thermostat, or perhaps something went wrong with your air conditioner during the summer months. If your space doesn’t get any warmer no matter if you have geothermal heat pumps, a traditional heat pump, or other forms of heating system, call the experts in Knoxville, TN right away.

Compressor running constantly

When your compressor is always on, trying desperately to pump heat into your space, your heating system is likely struggling to reach the correct temperature. Not only will this result in worse energy efficiency, but can also lead to significantly more wear and tear on your heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality system. Contact a Knoxville, TN HVAC maintenance services team ASAP.

Outdoor unit freezing over

Has your heat pump stopped working properly? Check your outdoor unit to see if it’s freezing over. If so, it means the defroster is no longer working correctly. When the weather is already freezing outside in Knoxville, TN, you may need emergency repairs or maintenance services to get your system unfrozen and back into full working order.

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The Importance of Taking Proactive Steps

It’s never a good idea to wait for your Knoxville, TN heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality issues to resolve themselves. Inevitably, when home and business owners wait around and hope for the best, they run into worst-case scenarios.

Not only will your geothermal heating, air conditioning, or other indoor comfort systems lead to dramatically higher energy costs, but the components within them may begin to deteriorate. This can lead to a complete breakdown of your Knoxville, TN air conditioners or heating units.

Instead of procrastinating, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality team at Blue Water Climate Control in Knoxville, TN. Our family-owned business provides emergency services and scheduled maintenance services for heating, air conditioning, and any other indoor comfort system you may have in your home or business. Whether you need a simple solution or a brand new unit to keep you warm during the next winter, our heating and cooling experts can get the job done and help you save money.

Call us today at (865) 412-4557 or contact us online and our helpful specialists can provide dependable Knoxville heating repair.

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