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Loudon Heating Repair

Proper heating is necessary to live comfortably and, more importantly, safely. 

If your HVAC system isn’t producing enough heated air, or if it’s blowing only cold, you need a trusted team to help.

At Blue Water Climate Control, our award-winning service is here for you. Highly rated since 2018, we are here to help. We are a local team, and we care about our community. We know how important a functioning HVAC is to your home, and we will do what it takes to fix your problem. Never leaving you without help, we can also offer long-term maintenance, keeping your system running smoothly for years to come.

Don’t suffer through a cold Loudon season without proper heating. Our repair services are here for you. Just call (865) 412-4557 today for help.

Our Services

Whatever your heating repair needs, Blue Water Climate Control has you covered. There is no job too big and no problem we cannot handle. We have extensive knowledge of all kinds of heating systems, from the traditional to the newest, most advanced models. Our experienced team can work with your home, no matter how old or new your system is.

We can handle:

  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Split systems
  • Package units
  • Geothermal units
  • Ductless mini-split systems
  • And more!

Signs You Need Repairs

Sometimes a failing heating system is obvious, such as when it blows only cold air. Other times, it appears to be heating the house just fine. There are subtle indications, however, that there may be trouble.

Here are some signs that your HVAC needs repairs, even when it heats the home:

  • Your energy bill suddenly skyrockets.

If your bills spike during the cold season, your HVAC may be overworked. There could be a leak in the refrigerant, or the conducting system may be broken.

  • Your system makes too much noise.

When part of your HVAC’s internal machinery loosens, it makes a lot of banging and clanging while running. This could be a small piece that you can easily reattach yourself. Often, however, it is a major component, and you will need expert help to fix it.

  • The heat pump’s outdoor unit keeps freezing over.

This could indicate that the defroster is broken. Older units may defrost on a timer, while more high-tech units use thermal sensors. Regardless of your system’s defrost methods, we can locate and fix the problem.

  • Your vents produce a smokey, musty odor.

This might be a sign that the unit is overworked. Internal mechanisms are overheating, spilling a stench into the home. For some members of your family, this can cause sinus and lung problems. At worst, such smells could indicate a dangerous gas leak, depending on your unit. If you smell something odd whenever the heat runs, contact us immediately.

For superior heating repairs in Loudon, trust Blue Water Climate Control. Call us today at (865) 412-4557 or contact us online.

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Help for the Holidays

The coldest months also represent the busiest times. Families are bustling to meet their holiday plans, and businesses are shut down. This is also the worst time to experience heating problems. More than just uncomfortable, lack of proper heating can be dangerous. 

We care about the citizens of Loudon, and we are here to help. With our 24-hour emergency service, we can arrive swiftly and help keep your family safe, even during the holiday season.

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