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The Environmental Protection Agency recommends 3 strategies to reduce indoor air pollution: 

  • Source control 
  • Ventilation 
  • Air cleaners 

We offer a full complement of products and services that addresses each of these.

For Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Knoxville, TN, call us now at (865) 412-4557 or you can schedule a service appointment online. No service fee with repair and our technicians always text when they are on the way.

what is Indoor Air Quality ?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the air quality within your home or business as it relates to the health and comfort of your family and co-workers. Understanding how your heating and air conditioning system affects indoor air quality is critical to reducing your risk of indoor health concerns. Blue Water Climate Control continually stays up to date with the latest information provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to better serve our customers in Knoxville and surrounding areas.

Where does Indoor Air Pollution Come From?

The primary cause of indoor air quality problems isn't what's coming in from the outside. The primary source is the products already in your home that are releasing gases and particulate into your home's indoor air. the effect of poor indoor air quality on your health is in many cases exaggerated by inadequate ventilation. Indoor air pollutants can be 5-10 times higher than outdoor air. This makes it imperative to change out indoor air with outdoor air regularly to reduce the concentration of indoor air pollution. Other factors that can increase the concentration of some pollutants are high temperature and high humidity. Due to the geography of the Knoxville area, one common outdoor source is Radon.

Common Household Pollutant Sources that cause Poor Indoor Air Quality 

  • Fuel-burning appliances
  • Tobacco products and secondhand smoke
  • Building materials and furnishings
  • Deteriorated asbestos-containing insulation
  • Newly installed flooring, upholstery, or carpet
  • Cabinetry or furniture made of certain pressed wood products
  • Products for household cleaning
  • Central heating and cooling systems and humidification devices
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Outdoor sources such as:
    • Radon
    • Pesticides
    • Outdoor air pollution.

What Sources Have The Biggest Impact on Indoor Air Quality?

Different factors affect the severity/significance of these different sources. A source that emits a less hazardous pollutant but emits it in high concentrations can be just as harmful as a source that only emits a small amount of a more hazardous pollutant. How old the source is can affect its contribution. New furniture emits higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than old furniture. For appliances, whether it's properly maintained affects the contribution. a poorly adjusted gas stove will release more carbon monoxide. Some sources release organic compounds continuously. Some sources only emit particulate matter when they are used. Some sources remain airborne longer than others. Finding whole-home solutions to these problems can be a tough challenge. Our technicians at Blue Water Climate Control in Knoxville and our Loudon location have been trained on multiple solutions to improve indoor air quality.

Air filters

The air filter is one of the most important components of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. It is designed to remove dirt particles from the air before they enter your living space.

It is recommended that you replace your air filter every three months or at least once a year, depending on the type of filter you have installed.

Routine air filter replacement

Air filters need to be replaced periodically, and the frequency of replacement depends on the type of filter, the quality of the filter, and how often it is used.

The air filter should be replaced before it becomes clogged with dirt or particles. This will ensure that clean air is circulating through your home and that your system isn't working too hard to circulate air through your home.

A dirty filter can cause a decrease in heating or cooling efficiency, an increase in energy consumption, an increase in fan noise, an increase in equipment wear and tear, and a decrease in indoor air quality. 

For Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Knoxville, TN, call us now at (865) 412-4557 or you can schedule a service appointment online. No service fee with repair and our technicians always text when they are on the way.


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