Blue Water Climate Control provides commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service. Our technicians are trained, certified, and experienced to handle all of your needs. Our technicians always present a neat, professional appearance. Here are some of the services that we offer:


• Reliable Refrigeration Repair

• Heating and Air Conditioning Service

• Restaurant Equipment Specialists

• Custom Preventive Maintenance Plans

• Multi-Family Residential Properties

 •Automated Service Requests


Knoxville’s Reliable Refrigeration Repair

A reliable refrigeration system is vital to the success of businesses involved in food storage and preparation. Malfunctioning or poorly maintained refrigeration systems result in service disruptions and losses of critical inventory. When a refrigeration appliance malfunctions, it negatively impacts employee productivity, sales, and customer comfort. Additionally, manufacturing and healthcare facilities often integrate refrigeration systems directly into their core processes, so any equipment failure can be disastrous.


• Freezers

• Refrigerators

• Walk-in coolers and freezers

• Ice machines

• Soft serve machines

• Frozen beverage machines


Heating and Air Conditioning Service

We have 24 hr emergency service. We are available to respond on the coldest days of the year and the hottest. We respond quickly to HVAC problems that threaten your ability to do business and maintain employee productivity.


Commercial spaces have unique heating and cooling needs. We start every project with a load calculation to determine the heating and cooling losses of your business. This enables us to determine exact heating or cooling load, preventing the efficiency and maintenance issues that come with over- and under-sizing.


Remember, prevention is still the best policy. Ask about our custom maintenance plans that keep your heating and cooling systems running, identify emerging issues before they can become major problems, and improve energy efficiency.


Restaurant Equipment Specialists

Blue Water Climate Control is equipped to handle all restaurant repair and installation needs. We have years of established relationships with parts suppliers that enables us to fix almost anything. We service all brands. We specialize in old, outdated equipment.

• Fryers

• Grills

• Ovens

• Refrigeration tanks

• Pumps

• Dryers parts


Custom Preventative Maintenance Plan to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Get a free consult to come up with a preventative maintenance plan that will fit both your needs and your budget. The personalized, custom service you need to determine the service plan that works best for your equipment. Preventative maintenance programs for 1 or 100 pieces of equipment, we offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance programs for your convenience.

When you become a contract customer, you will receive priority repair scheduling and discounted parts and labor charges.


Multi-Family Residential Properties

We offer special pricing for large volume properties at or near the same address. We perform a full evaluation of your property, negotiate special pricing with our suppliers, and provide you with the best possible price for your needs. We also understand your obligation to be responsive to your tenants. We are able to be responsive to your needs using our automated service requests. It won’t take you long to see the benefit of being able to submit work requests and get an appointment without ever making a call.


Automated Service Requests

All of our clients have the ability to submit work requests using their client hub, 24 hrs a day. We know how hectic running your business can be. You can submit a work request right from your smart phone or tablet. Submit the request and within minutes you’ll be notified that an appointment has been scheduled. You’ll be able to see your schedule and all of your invoices without spending valuable time on the phone.



“We use Blue Water Climate Control for the maintenance and replacement of our cooling equipment, general restaurant maintenance and most importantly, timely, honest work on emergency calls. They are fast, affordable and go out of their way to help in any situation. We are a satisfied customer who recommends Blue Water Climate Control to anyone.”


-John Payne, Don Gallo Mexican Grills



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