Free furnace with purchase of air conditioner

Free Furnace Deal is Back

Over the past 4 years in October and November, we've given away furnaces and air handlers with the purchase of an entire heating and air system. We're doing it again in 2022.

I know it sounds too good to be true. Every year we get the same skeptical questions:

Are these new furnaces?

Yes, they are new, straight from the distributor.

Is this a contest or raffle?

No, it's first come, first serve. However, there is a limited number that we are giving away. So, it's kind of a race, I guess.

Are these furnaces scratch-and-dent or refurbished?

No (see the answer to the first question).

Why are you doing this?

The truth is, it's good for our company.

Written by Jeremy James

Jeremy James is a veteran of the U.S. Navy who has grown his family's HVAC business into one of the most successful home service businesses in Knoxville, TN. More than 20 years of experience in the HVAC and Engineering industries and passion for what we do has translated into our customer service, professionalism, and quality. LinkedIn

Why Is A Free Furnace Good For Business?

I suppose the skepticism is appropriate. Why would a company give such a big discount? But, it has helped us over the years. Many of our customers know it's coming and plan their unit replacement for Oct and Nov. But here are some of the reasons why free furnace benefits us.

1. These are slow months for us

The weather is mild. People are comfortable in their homes. Plus, vacations are over, school is in session, and everyone is busy.

2. Our Guys Need The Work

When technicians are working and providing for their families, they are happy. Happy techs mean better customer service.

3. We Have Company Goals

We need to install a certain number of furnaces each year to hit our goals, continue growing and help more people. We have milestones with our distributors that help us negotiate better prices and get better service.

4. Help Us And We Help You

If you help us keep our guys working, we help you with a great deal to save money. As I mentioned, many of our customers plan their replacements for this time of year. Anytime you get loyal customers promoting your company, you win in the long run.

The price is reduced but the quality is the same!

Blue Water Climate Control stands apart from other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) companies. We've been accredited by industry leaders and certified to provide the highest level of expertise and customer care.

Our accreditation included a comprehensive review of our professional licenses, business documents, and completion of orientation training. Blue Water Climate Control meets the nationally-recognized, industry-developed standard to provide thermal comfort in support of ENERGY STAR Verified Air Conditioning Installation (for high-efficiency air conditioner replacements).

The right system, sized for your home

The weather can often change in an instant here in Knoxville. Warm, mild days during autumn quickly give way to cool evenings and nights. Temperatures start dropping into the 30s and 40s in October.

When the climate can be that variable, it is important to have reliable heaters and air conditioners installed at your property. Trust Blue Water Climate Control to provide you with an excellent heating system that will keep your home comfortable, no matter what the weather feels like outside.

How Much Money can you Save

The process starts with a free estimate to replace your heating and cooling system. The savings are based on the size/capacity of the new unit.

Split Heat Pump Systems

  • 2 Ton -$1101

  • 2.5 Ton -$1251

  • 3 Ton -$1353

  • 3.5 Ton -$1530

  • 4 Ton -$1653

  • 5 Ton -$1741

Split AC - Gas Furnace Systems

  • 60k BTU -$1016

  • 80k BTU -$1133

  • 100k BTU -$1223

  • 120k BTU -$1333

Package Systems

  • 2 Ton -$801

  • 2.5 Ton -$851

  • 3 Ton -$953

  • 3.5 Ton -$1130

  • 4 Ton -$1253

  • 5 Ton -$1441

Use this information with our AC Replacement Cost article to get a rough idea of the pricing for a new heating and air system. You can also find out the factors that affect your estimate.

FAQ for Free Furnace

Purchase a complete heating and air conditioning system and we'll discount the price of the furnace. I know you have more questions. Let's try to address those now:

What is a "complete heating and air conditioning system"?

When we say complete, we mean the outdoor unit, the indoor unit, the coil, and the thermostat. It doesn't include line sets, ductwork, thermostat wire, or any of the other subsystems.

What if I have a heat pump and air handler?

Air handlers are included in the deal. A free furnace just sounds better.

How much is the Free Furnace discount?

It varies by the capacity of the equipment. The discount for an 80,000 BTU furnace is different than the 60,000. Discounts start at $1000 but go as high as $2200.

Do you pay for installation?

Yes, you do pay for the labor and materials for install. This discount covers the price of the equipment.

What if I have a package unit?

The deal applies to package units. The discounts are different than those for split systems. They start at $800.

What is the warranty?

The unit comes with standard manufacturer warranties and a one-year labor guarantee. Extended labor warranties are available for purchase.

  • Heat Exchanger - 20 yrs*

  • Compressor - 10 yrs*

  • All parts - 10 yrs*

*Must be registered.

Are all brands available for purchase?

The offer is limited to American Standard equipment only.

I need a new system for my business. Can I get the free furnace deal?

The offer is limited to residential applications only.

Can I upgrade to a more energy-efficient furnace or air handler?

Yes, but the discount will be the same.

Does the deal apply to ductless mini-splits?

No, the offer is for central AC units only.

Is financing available?


Can I use rent-to-own with the free furnace replacement?

Probably, it depends on which rent-to-own company we use.

When will the new furnace and new air conditioner be installed?

It must be installed during the promotion period on a normal working day during normal working hours.

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