AirDeko AC Cover Product Review

Airdeko Central AC Cover

Every home needs a fully functional air conditioning system. But sometimes, even as an HVAC specialist, I wish homeowners had a better way to stay comfortable than the loud, clunky outdoor units sitting in their backyards. Fortunately, the AirDeko AC cover is the ideal solution for homeowners everywhere.


If you’re a discerning homeowner like many of my clients, I can absolutely recommend the AirDeko AC cover. The cover fits all air conditioners, is extremely easy to assemble, is 100% safe, and totally lives up to its advertising. Every customer I’ve helped install an AirDeko cover has shared their satisfaction with the system. It’s both incredibly effective at what it was designed to do while working to improve the outdoor environments where we live without ruining your bank account.

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Attractive and durable

The main purpose of the AirDeko, like any AC cover, is to increase customer satisfaction in their air conditioner by helping it blend in with the environment. The high-grade, weather-resistant aluminum cover provides an elegant solution for those who search for a way to minimize system noise and increase the attractiveness of the area around their homes.

Noise Reduction

Whether you have a brand new air conditioner or an older, outdated model, you’ll benefit from a more peaceful environment when you use an AC cover. However, similar technologies and other AC covers I’ve come across as a professional HVAC technician advertising they cancel noise and protect against debris fall short. Only the AirDeko cover has managed to perform exactly as promised while ensuring proper operation from your home’s air conditioner system.

Fits most major brands

The AirDeko line of AC covers are designed to fit all professional air conditioner brands. This means you’ll be able to install it easily on your own outdoor unit and quickly cover up your air conditioner.hvac cover protecting mini-split condenser

Return on Investment

When my clients ask me about AC covers, especially when it comes to price, I strongly advise they choose the elegant AirDeko cover. Not only does it cover up your unsightly air conditioner unit, the cover also muffles the often abrasive noise it makes when you’re trying to enjoy your backyard. The best part is that the elegant cover accomplishes all of this without breaking your bank account.

Additionally, because of the extra layer of protection it provides your outdoor unit, your air conditioner will be more durable. This means less frequent maintenance requirements, even if you don’t live in an area prone to lots of falling debris. That means cost savings for every customer on AC repairs and maintenance.

If you’re looking for AC covers, don’t hesitate any longer. As an HVAC specialist, I strongly recommend homeowners install the AirDeko AC Cover.

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Written by Jeremy James

Jeremy is the founder and CEO of Blue Water Climate Control. He is a Navy veteran with 24 years of naval service in the Navy's Nuclear Propulsion Program. He has broad engineering experience having worked on submarines and aircraft carriers. LinkedIn

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