AC System Replacement in Knoxville

Do you need air conditioning repair or replacement?

Knoxville, TN home and business owners know the critical importance of a properly functioning heating and cooling system. When the time comes for air conditioning repair in Knoxville, you should rely on experienced professionals to get the job done.

But what if your HVAC equipment needs more than simple repairs? And what if it’s more than ten or fifteen years old?

If either of these are the case, you may need HVAC repair services or a new AC installation service to ensure your cooling system is adequate for your comfort and for lower energy costs.

Written by Jeremy James

Jeremy James is a veteran of the U.S. Navy who has grown his family's HVAC business into one of the most successful home service businesses in Knoxville, TN. More than 20 years of experience in the HVAC and Engineering industries and passion for what we do has translated into our customer service, professionalism, and quality. LinkedIn

Warning Signs for Air Conditioner Replacement

The most obvious warning sign that you may need a new air conditioning installation in Knoxville, TN is when your equipment stops working entirely. Or, you may hear a variety of unusual sounds.

Has your AC required air conditioning repair multiple times over the years? Do you have an outdated plumbing, heating, cooling, or other system in your home?

Perhaps your utility bills have skyrocketed recently, even though you’ve kept your air conditioning set at the same temperatures as you have every other year.

All of these can be seriously frustrating for any Knoxville, TN homeowner. But they can also indicate a severe need for repair service or installation services.

Some other signs to look out for that show a new AC installation is the right solution include:

· Grinding, churning, rocking, or grating sounds

· Warm air blowing instead of cold air

· Weak airflow from vents

· Moisture build-ups in the condenser unit or ductwork

· Bad smells in ductwork (burning smells)

· Frequent low refrigerant levels or refrigerant leak

Knoxville, TN Air Conditioning Replacement Costs

According to national averages, most homeowners will pay around $7,500 for a full HVAC replacement service – including new plumbing, heating, cooling, etc. The average Knoxville AC repair service, on the other hand, is only around $800.

If you only need to get an air conditioner installation service, you’ll cut that down to around $3,500-4000 as opposed to a $400 repair. Heating unit replacement service runs around $3500, or $400 for a repair.

Replacing Your Entire HVAC System

If your Knoxville, TN AC is on the fritz or years past due for AC repair or replacement, you definitely need to get it replaced as soon as you can. But what if your heating system is still working properly?

Most heating units last for many years longer than air conditioners. In fact, some Knoxville heaters can last for as many as 10 years longer than a typical AC unit. This means you can keep it for a while longer while replacing your AC to ensure your cooling needs are met.

Consider Replacing both Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

However, if you have the budget to replace both, you might consider it – both for increased energy efficiency and to save you from future headaches. Also, because of the number of AC brands out there, your service technicians may recommend installing a different style AC unit that doesn’t exactly match your heating unit – something that could lead to certain issues down the road.

The Air Conditioner Replacement Process

Find the Right Contractor

For your AC installation service, make sure you find the right contractor first. This should be a team of highly skilled professionals with a long history of industry experience.

All members of the team should have background checks and a history of exceptional service in both new construction, AC replacement, and air conditioning repair in Knoxville, TN.

Get a quote from them first before you ever proceed with the project. Then, reach out to other local HVAC companies in Knoxville and Oak Ridge so you can compare quotes.

You can also read customer reviews to see if their service was worth the money. Your heating, air, plumbing, and more should be handled by the most qualified professionals in the industry – every time.

Find the Right HVAC System Size

Once you’ve decided on AC replacement service, it’s important your contractor includes a load calculation in their bid.

In the past, installation services used ballpark estimates to figure out the necessary equipment size. But this often led to overly large equipment which were not energy efficient and cooled too quickly, leading to too many on/off cycles that wore components too quickly.

Make sure you have a professional, qualified AC contractor in Knoxville, TN who uses load-calculating software to determine exactly how much cool air each room needs. Your new HVAC setup should be finely tuned to keep your energy costs low while ensuring you stay comfortable year-round.

Remember the SEER Rating

If you want to stay as energy efficient as possible, you might opt for an AC unit with an even higher SEER rating. If you have a 2,000 sq. ft. home, you might find plenty of 14 or 15 SEER systems which promise all the efficiency you need while keeping your home as cool as you want it.

However, if you jump to a 16 SEER unit, you can reduce your total energy costs by a considerable amount each month.

Of course, the higher the SEER rating you choose for your AC installation, the higher your upfront costs will be. Fortunately, the government provides a range of incentives for choosing such a unit, such as an annual federal tax credit. You may find some great local incentives as well, depending on your area.

HVAC Replacement ETA

Most air conditioner replacement services can be completed within one or two days. However, depending on the scope of the project, it could add a day or more to the job.

When your Knoxville AC repair experts arrive at your property, they’ll perform a thorough inspection of your home and let you know exactly how long the project should take. After they perform their assessment, you’ll be able to craft your own schedule around their cooling system installation services.

Preparing for HVAC Replacement in Knoxville, TN

First, make sure you provide your local qualified technicians with a valid phone number and address so they can schedule your new air conditioning installation services.

Your plumbing, heating, cooling, and new installation specialists will set up the installation area by ensuring all flooring is fully protected. They’ll also move furniture and other household items into safe locations.

The air conditioning system installation creates a lot of dust – so make sure everything in the area is moved or fully accounted for with plastic protection. Once you and the crew are satisfied that the home and its items are protected, they’ll bring in their tools and get started on the project.

Modifying or Repairing Ductwork

Even with the best new air conditioning equipment, you might still feel uncomfortable in your home if your ductwork needs repair or modification. In fact, some ductwork can leak as much as 30 percent of the cool air it transports before it ever reaches your living areas.

Make sure your HVAC company runs a duct-leakage test to make sure you won’t lose a ton of cool air from your ducts when it starts working.

If they detect any leaks or gaps, they can seal them or replace the ductwork entirely with brand new insulated pipes.

It’s smart for homeowners to always keep ductwork repair in Knoxville in mind as a potential added cost to their AC replacement project.

Removing Your Older AC Equipment

Before replacing your equipment, the company has to first remove the older plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical equipment.

Since many of these older components are spread throughout your home – in the attic, crawl spaces, basement, etc. – the crew will need access to most of your home to start your installation service.

Then, they’ll cut the power to the original cooling unit and remove existing refrigerant from the AC. Afterward, they can fully dismantle it and remove it safely.

Installing Your New Air Conditioner

Once the old components have been removed, it’s time to install your air conditioner to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The equipment may be installed inside or outside of your Knoxville, TN home – or both – depending on which model you chose.

New components should include:

· Air handler/evaporator

· Outside compressor (condensing unit)

· Refrigerant supply lines

· Thermostat

· Condensate drain lines

· Condensate pump (if applicable)

If there are any wiring issues, most HVAC contractors are skilled and knowledgeable enough to handle them promptly. However, changes or overhauls to your property’s electrical system may require a licensed electrical contractor to come in and finish out the work.

Testing Your New AC Unit

Once your new AC system is in place, your HVAC specialist team will perform a variety of tests. These include pressure and vacuum tests – all before the equipment has been charged with refrigerant.

After these tests, they’ll add the refrigerant to the system and activate it. Then, they’ll retest the same way as before to ensure everything is in proper working order.

Your Knoxville, TN HVAC contractor will then explain how the system works and the proper settings to maintain optimal efficiency year-round. You’ll also be made aware of any warranty information and other points of interest. Afterward, you’re all set – customer satisfaction achieved!

How Often Should You Replace Your Air Conditioning in Knoxville, TN ?

According to ENERGY STAR, the recommended life span for any HVAC system is 10 to 15 years. After this amount of time, most of the major components in your existing system will be significantly worn. You may also notice indoor air quality has gone down dramatically.

While you may keep your system in top shape for longer than other homeowners with regular AC maintenance, HVAC systems inevitably break down like any other piece of equipment.

Rather than staring at higher and higher energy bills each month, consider replacing your plumbing, heating, cooling, and other comfort essentials when it’s most recommended.

Find a Knoxville, TN AC Repair and Replacement Expert

Now that you have a better understanding of how Knoxville, TN homeowners can get new air conditioners installed, it’s time to take the next steps.

If you’ve identified any of the warning signs and know you need a new AC installation, you need to find an Oak Ridge or Knoxville area HVAC professional to perform an inspection.

They’ll determine if your issue can simply be fixed with routine maintenance. If not, the company will put together a quote to install a heating and cooling system you can rely on for years to come.

Call Blue Water Climate Control

For your cooling needs, trust in a veteran owned company with extensive knowledge of HVAC repair, replacement, maintenance, and more.

At Blue Water Climate Control, we’re proud of our reputation as the premier Knoxville AC repair experts. We understand how to provide homeowners the right solution for energy efficient systems that lower utility bills and get the cooling job done with ease.

For more information on our HVAC maintenance, repair, and new installation services in Knoxville, TN, fill out our contact form with a valid phone number and email address.

You can also give us a call at (865)299-2290. Contact us today!

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